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Central Asian Journal of Literature, Philosophy and Culture (ISSN: 2660-6828) is aimed at researchers who love reading and are interested in interpreting and discussing culturally significant articles.  Researchers will study important texts drawn from global literature, philosophy, music, religion, and cultural theory, based upon their own interests and preferences, and engage in careful analysis and the development of their interpretative skills.  Researchers can publish their articles on the topic of poetry, fiction, philosophical works, religious texts, and other culturally important topics as well. Philosophy and cultural topics they can do research. This Journal is organized and run under Telavi State University named after Jacob Gogebashvili.


Vol 3 No 5 (2022): May 2022

Published: May 11, 2022

In English and Uzbek Languages the Importance of Suprasegmental Units in Expressing Value in Speech

1-5 Isakova Zilolakhon Zokirovna

Identifying Problrms in Teaching English to Visually Impaired Students at Special Schools

6-15 Dilrabo Babakulova

The Concept of Diplomacy and the History of its Development, Ancient East Diplomacy

16-18 Sh. T. Norbo‘tayev

Linguistic Studies of “Water” Component Language Units

19-21 Masuma Muminova

Cпocoбы Вырaжeния Руccкиx Oбoбщeннo-Личныx Прeдлoжeний В Тaджикcкoм И Узбeкcкoм Языкax

22-24 Иcмaилoвa Фaрзoнa Бaxтиёр кизи, Исмоилов Муҳамммадали Бахтиёрович

Extralinguistic Factors Determining Phonostylistic Changes

25-30 Nishonova Dilnavoz Jonibekovna

The Derivational Structure of Lexical Units Characteristic of the German Literary Language and Colloquial Speech

31-36 Mom'inova Oftobxon Karimovna

Diasporic Review of Every Day is for the Thief by Teju Cole

37-39 Dheeraj Kumar, Dr. Arun Singh
Read Statistic: 11

Roots and Routes in Americanah by Chimamanda Nigozi Adichie

40-43 Dheeraj Kumar, Dr. Arun Singh
Read Statistic: 9
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