The Effect of Training, Digital Transformation, and Work Motivation on Employee Performance during the Covid-19 Period: A Study on Culinary UMKM Employees in Manado City

  • Dwiranni Feibry Lumunon Student of Master Management Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Sam Ratulangi University Manado, Indonesia
  • James DD Massie Department of Management Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Sam Ratulangi University Manado, Indonesia
  • Irvan Trang Department of Management Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Sam Ratulangi University Manado, Indonesia
Keywords: Employee Performance, Training, Digital Transformation, Motivation


Almost all MSMEs including culinary businesses are affected by the Covid-19 Virus, the economy and business have decreased. This can also have an impact on decreasing employee's performance. Therefore, understanding and analyzing several factors that affect employee performance such as training factors, digital transformation, and employee motivation in the MSME business sector, especially culinary during the Covid-19 pandemic, is felt to be necessary so that it becomes the goal of this research. Taking primary data from 100 employee respondents in 10 MSME Culinary restaurants in Manado City and using multiple regression analysis methods. This study found that simultaneously training, digital transformation, and motivation factors had an effect on increasing employee performance. If viewed separately, the digital transformation and motivation factors that affect employee performance while the training factor has no effect. These results recommend that it is necessary for business actors and the government to continue to improve training in this Covid-19 period to be able to improve employee performance, digital-based production processes, and increase employee motivation. It is also necessary to further investigate other factors that can improve the performance of MSME employees during this Covid-19 period.


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