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The article examines one of the types of epic "dastan", as an example of Uzbek oral folk art, which is a description of the heroism, wisdom and courage of the people. Examples of famous dastans of the Uzbek nation are given. Also in the article the epos "Gorogly" is especially considered. The content of the work is analyzed and the influence of the seasonal myth on the image of Gorogla is investigated. Particular attention is paid to the genetic analysis of the dastan: the origin of the monument is investigated, the names of each chapters included in the cycle of dastans about Gorogly are listed.


dastan genre cultural heritage worldview metempsychosis national traditions plot reincarnation cycle epic

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Aliyevna, B. J. (2022). Dastan “Gorogly” – an Example of our Scientific and Spiritual Heritage. CENTRAL ASIAN JOURNAL OF LITERATURE, PHILOSOPHY AND CULTURE, 3(6), 176-181. Retrieved from


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