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The purpose of present study is to find out and examine the challenges faced by senior high school students of research in Salcedo Vocational High School (SVHS) Salcedo, Eastern Samar throughout the second semester of school year 2018-2019.The research method was processed through the use of survey form as method of the research endeavor. The samples included was about 120 students. The gathered data from the respondents were tallied. The measurements of the degree on what were the most difficult of all the problems that the research students encountered are through the use of qualitative scale. Results showed that there are 20 items considered by the senior high school student- researchers as challenges, wherein 75% of the student-researchers found much challenged which relates to the financial constraints in the compliance and or completion of research. This research subject entails teamwork, members composed usually of 5 or more (depending on the class size), requires division of labor and resources however, availability and financial capability of the student-researchers found to be very difficult. In this study, the researcher concludes that financial resource would be a great factor towards the completion of quality research output.


Practical Research Senior High School Department of Education Salcedo 1 Disctrict

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Catherine N. Siguan, & Jericho D. Ecija. (2020). CHALLENGES ENCOUNTERED BY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS’ RESEARCHERS IN SALCEDO 1 DISTRICT. Central Asian Journal of Literature, Philosophy and Culture, 1(1), 26-28.


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