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This scientific article is devoted to the study of graduonymy in modern Uzbek linguistics. It gives the analysis of scientific works of scientists and researchers who have studied the categories of adjective powers, the phenomenon of graduonymy and their specific features. The article generalizes the existing material on the studied topic in Uzbek linguistics, and introduces such terms as gradation, gradualness, gradational relation, gradational scale, climax, anticlimax, etc.

As a research task, the author has defined an attempt to evaluate the study of graduonymy from the point of view of Uzbek linguistics. Graduonymy in Uzbek linguistics has not been fully studied, so it requires more thorough and in-depth research.


degree gradation graduonymy degree scale climax anticlimax linguistics semantics functional ethnic national-cultural mental

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Pirimkulovna, D. N. (2022). Graduonymy as an Object of Study in Uzbek Linguistics. Central Asian Journal of Literature, Philosophy and Culture, 3(11), 73-77. Retrieved from


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