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Educational planning is key to the realization of education objectives in Nigeria. Educational planning is facing many problems in Nigeria. This article discussed the problems facing planning of education in Nigeria. The article identified: inadequate funding of educational planning, inadequate educational planners, lack of data/information, shortage of planning materials, political influence, political instability and poor capacity development of educational planners as challenges facing planning of education in Nigeria. To address the challenges facing planning of education in Nigeria, the following were suggested: increment in the funding of educational planning, generation of current data, provision of adequate planning materials, employment of more professional planner, policy continuity and ensuring constant training and retraining programme for educational planners.



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Deborah Gregory, & Deborah Jegede. (2021). Educational Planning in Nigeria: Problems and the Ways Forward. CENTRAL ASIAN JOURNAL OF LITERATURE, PHILOSOPHY AND CULTURE, 2(2), 41-48.


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