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The article analyzes the relationship between the plot of Bahrom and the concubine, which is associated with the name of Bahrom Gor in Eastern and Uzbek literature, and the plot of Bahrom and Gulandom, which first spread in folklore and then passed into written literature, although both plots are spread in connection with the name of Bahrom, it turns out that there are more differences between these two plots than similarities.

For example, the plot of "Bahrom and Gulandom" expressed more folklore characteristics due to the fact that it first appeared in the folklore, along with historical events, folklore signs are also noted for the development of the plot of Bahrom Gor. Therefore, although the plot of "Bahrom and Gulandom" is partially related to the plot of Bahrom Gor in "Khamsa", it is proved to be different from it by its main episodes.


Khamsa Firdavsi Nizami Khusrav Dehlavi Abdurahman Jami Alisher Navoi

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Mulihiddin Muhiddinov, & Shoira Kutbiddinova. (2023). The Interrelationship of the Plot “Bahrom and Gulandom” With the Plot “Bahrom Gor”. Central Asian Journal of Literature, Philosophy and Culture, 4(9), 95-101. Retrieved from


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