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Central Asian Journal of Literature, Philosophy and Culture (ISSN: 2660-6828) is aimed at researchers who love reading and are interested in interpreting and discussing culturally significant articles.  Researchers will study important texts drawn from global literature, philosophy, music, religion, and cultural theory, based on their own interests and preferences, and engage in careful analysis and the development of their interpretative skills.  Researchers can publish their articles on the topic of poetry, fiction, philosophical works, religious texts, and other culturally important topics as well. Philosophy and cultural topics they can do research. This Journal is organized and run under open access policy by Central Asian Studies Publishing.

Vol 3 No 12 (2022): December

Published: Dec 5, 2022

Didactic Significance of "Hayrat UL Abror"

1-3 Sanoyeva Zarnigor Utkir kizi
Read Statistic: 5

The Image of Navoi in the Work of Halim Khudoyberdieva

4-8 Eshniyozova Gulhayo Hamroqul qizi
Read Statistic: 0

Theoretical Analysis of the Content of the Structure of Self-Esteem

9-14 Abdullayeva N.
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Феноменологическое Поле Гендерной Идентичности Спортсменок

15-18 Умаров Абдусамат Абдумаликович, Хожимуродова Махлиёхон Кенжавой қизи
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The Motive of Prayer, Passion and Gratitude in A. Kuprin's Novella "Garnet Bracelet" And S. Zweig's Novella "Letter of a Stranger

19-22 Goncharova N. V.
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Using the Brainstorming Method in Teaching Folk Tales

23-33 Uzakova Saltanat Parakhatovna
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