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Central Asian Journal of Literature, Philosophy and Culture (ISSN: 2660-6828) is aimed at researchers who love reading and are interested in interpreting and discussing culturally significant articles.  Researchers will study important texts drawn from global literature, philosophy, music, religion, and cultural theory, based on their own interests and preferences, and engage in careful analysis and the development of their interpretative skills.  Researchers can publish their articles on the topic of poetry, fiction, philosophical works, religious texts, and other culturally important topics as well. Philosophy and cultural topics they can do research. This Journal is organized and run under open access policy by Central Asian Studies Publishing.


Vol 3 No 6 (2022): Jun 2022

Published: Jun 3, 2022

The Role of Multimedia Tools in ELT Teaching

1-4 Yulduz Sayitmurodovna Sattorova
Read Statistic: 17

Rules for Using the Verb in a 把“Bǎ”Sentence

5-9 Artikova Ziyoda Zaynitdinovna
Read Statistic: 19

The Role of Home Reading to Develop Reading Skills

10-13 Sherzod Samandarov, Muzaffar Tojiboev
Read Statistic: 11

Developing Students’ Critical Thinking Skills in EFL Classes

14-17 Fotima Rafikova
Read Statistic: 16

Interpretation of Polysemy in Compiling Bilingual Dictionaries of English and Uzbek Languages

18-21 Shahnoza Nashirova
Read Statistic: 5

The Formation of Students’ Communicative Competence in EFL Lessons

22-25 Gulchehra Saydalieva
Read Statistic: 9

The Role of Translation in Intercultural Communication

26-31 Babaev Mahmud Tashpulatovich, Tolibjonova Mavluda Shuxrat qizi
Read Statistic: 17

Specifics of German Humor and the Ways of its Translation

32-37 Babaev Mahmud Tashpulatovich, Jumayeva Nigina Djamalovna
Read Statistic: 13

Projekt-Based Learning Ideas in Teaching Foreign Language

38-44 Babaeva Vasila Tashpulatovna, Xasanova Xalida Fattayevna
Read Statistic: 17

The Role of Independent Work While Studying a Foreign Language at University

45-51 Djаlоlоv Furqаt Fаttоhоviсh
Read Statistic: 16

Stylistic Tools Intensifying Word Meanings in English Language

52-55 Imamkulova Sitora Anvarovna
Read Statistic: 15

Sources of Linguocultures and Linguoculturological Field

56-60 Irgasheva Feruza Baxtiyorovna
Read Statistic: 10

Dysphemism or Euphemism ?

61-65 M. G. Rabiyeva
Read Statistic: 12

On Linguistic Politeness Theory: Robin Lakoff’s Theory of Politeness, Brown and Levinson’s Theory of Politeness, Geoffrey Leech’s Theory of Politeness

66-74 Ruziyeva Nilufar Xafizovna
Read Statistic: 13

Learning the Polysemy of the French Noun "Souris" and the Verb "Battre"

75-79 Tuyboeva Shakhnoza
Read Statistic: 20

Extralinguistic Features of Professional Discourse as Metalinguistic Nature of Special Communication

80-84 Nargiza Savrievna Zokirova
Read Statistic: 8

Ways and Techniques of Reaching Success With Slow Learners

85-86 Z. Makhkamova, M.Ergashev
Read Statistic: 14

Effective Ways of Teaching Grammar in Second Language Classroom

87-90 Toshkinboev Shokhrukh Kozimjon ugli
Read Statistic: 62

Suggestopedia As an Important Method of Teaching Vocabulary

91-93 A.Bakhromova, M.Ergashev
Read Statistic: 15

The role of sectoral lexis in the development of the formal language.

94-98 Bakhodirova Gulruh Bakhodirovna
Read Statistic: 12

Tackling the Major Challenges in Learning Target Language and Utilizing Efficient Methods

99-105 Qurbonova Gulnoza Ahmadjon qizi, Begmuratov Akmaljon Latifjon o'g'li
Read Statistic: 15

How to Overcome Ordinary Writing Complications

106-118 Qurbonova Gulnoza Ahmadjon qizi
Read Statistic: 10

The Development of Gymnastics and the Role of Children's Education.

119-123 Ismailova Muhayyo Shuhratjon qizi
Read Statistic: 4


124-126 Qurbonova Gulnoza Ahmadjon qizi
Read Statistic: 5

Modern Problems and Requirements of Future Training in the Field of Physical Training and Sports

127-129 Shomuratov Askar Abdullaevich
Read Statistic: 10


130-139 Шавкат Ибрагимов
Read Statistic: 11

The Study of Fairs, Festivals and Languages in Ravi River Basin in Himachal Pradesh, India

140-150 Nikesh Sharma
Read Statistic: 10

Using Foreign Experience in the Development of Digital Technologies in Uzbekistan

151-156 Makhmudjon Ikramov, Zamira Davlatova
Read Statistic: 7

Individual Learner Differences and Second Language Acquisition

157-162 Mukaddam Alihonova
Read Statistic: 7

The Analysis of Demonstrating the Action in the Example of Onomatopoeia

163-167 Bakirova Sadokatkhon Elmurod qizi, Rakhimova Khumora Fakhriddin qizi
Read Statistic: 23

The Collision of Linguoculturological and Medicine

168-171 Kurbanova Nargiza Abdisoatovna
Read Statistic: 8

The Extralinguistic Nature of the Guide-Translator's Speech

172-175 Alimova Kamola Tursunovna
Read Statistic: 8

Dastan “Gorogly” – an Example of our Scientific and Spiritual Heritage

176-181 Buranova Jamila Aliyevna
Read Statistic: 11

Poetry Schools of Uzbek Folk Stories

182-186 Sadinova Dilfuza Umirovna
Read Statistic: 12

About the Main Stages of Work on the Text

187-191 Sadinova Dilfuza Umirovna
Read Statistic: 5

The Importance of the Views of Central Asian Muslims in the Struggle against Radical Ideas

192-194 Kurbanov Djamshid Djuraevich
Read Statistic: 3

Кросскультурный Анализ Иноязычных Заимствований В Русском И Узбекском Языках

195-197 Давлятова Э. М., Сайдуллаева Г.
Read Statistic: 14

Cultural Practices in Human Society, Cultural Ecology and its Management

198-209 Ganga Shy Meena
Read Statistic: 6

Improving Listening Skills By Reading Rather Than Listening

210-213 Suyunova Mohinur Ilhom qizi
Read Statistic: 6

The Relevance of the Concept of "Teacher's Speech Etiquette" in Connection with the Transition to New Educational Standards

214-216 Makhammatkulova Iroda
Read Statistic: 3

Means of Expressing Foreign Accents in the Original Sources and in Translation of the English and Russian Languages

217-220 Yakubova Madina Kutfidinovna
Read Statistic: 4

Oxymarone and Occosionalism

221-224 Hilolaxon Ilhom Qizi Umarova, Diloromxon Hoshimovna Mirzaliyeva, Nilufar Ikromovna Eminova, Nilufar Zokirovna Xalilova, Shohida Abdivohidovna Sobirova
Read Statistic: 9
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