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Central Asian Journal of Literature, Philosophy and Culture (ISSN: 2660-6828) is aimed at researchers who love reading and are interested in interpreting and discussing culturally significant articles.  Researchers will study important texts drawn from global literature, philosophy, music, religion, and cultural theory, based on their own interests and preferences, and engage in careful analysis and the development of their interpretative skills.  Researchers can publish their articles on the topic of poetry, fiction, philosophical works, religious texts, and other culturally important topics as well. Philosophy and cultural topics they can do research. This Journal is organized and run under open access policy by Central Asian Studies Publishing.

Vol 4 No 9 (2023): September

Published: Sep 2, 2023

A Study of Nigerian Gospel Songs: Implications on Christians Worship and the Society

Read Statistic: 11

Innovative Construction Of Wireless Agidigbo Traditional Musical Instrument: Using Experimental Design

Read Statistic: 9

Ethnomusicological Study of Ogbele Music in Akoko Land of Ondo State

Read Statistic: 7

Religion and Geography: Location, Size, Neighbours and Boundaries of Nigeria

58-68 Rowland Olumati (Ph.D), Dr. Kenoye Ophagharanan Igoniko Uwom
Read Statistic: 6

Naqshbandiya – The Path of Sobriety

69-74 Navruzova Gulchehra Negmatovna
Read Statistic: 9

Motive of Fear in the Novel “Lord of the Flies” of William Golding

75-77 Shorena Vakhtangishvili
Read Statistic: 32

Naqshbandiya – The Path of Sobriety

78-83 Navruzova Gulchehra Negmatovna
Read Statistic: 11

Methods of Categorization and Classification of Proverbs

84-88 Khamdamova Gulshan Khamraevna
Read Statistic: 14

Navigating the Ethnic Cultures: The Complexity of Arab American Identity in Literature

89-94 Bahir Ibrahim Taha
Read Statistic: 8

The Interrelationship of the Plot “Bahrom and Gulandom” With the Plot “Bahrom Gor”

95-101 Mulihiddin Muhiddinov, Shoira Kutbiddinova
Read Statistic: 13

Развитие Креативных Способностей Обучающихся Профессиональных Образовательных Учреждений На Основе Компетентностного Подхода

102-105 Надир Бахриддинович Юсупов
Read Statistic: 13

The Theme of War in Narine Abgaryan’s Collection of Stories “Long on Living”

106-108 Batirova R. M.
Read Statistic: 4

Based on Modern Innovative Technologies Directions for Improving Educational Efficiency

109-113 M. Q. Raxmanova
Read Statistic: 5

Reception of Guzel Yakhina’s Narratory Strategy through the Lens of the Internet Space

114-119 F. M. Irkabaeva, Kamilova S. E.
Read Statistic: 6

К Вопросу Об Изучении Плеоназмов И Тавтологий С Исторической Точки Зрения

120-124 Кахарова Нилуфар Нуридиновна
Read Statistic: 3

A Comparison of The Imagery of Ceremonies and Customs In Versions of the Epic “Alpomish”

125-127 Makhbuba Bakhshilloevna Sharipova,
Read Statistic: 1

Puns And Translations of William Shakespeare’s “Othello”

128-132 Mizrabova Jeren
Read Statistic: 2

The Great Exemplary of the Italian Renaissance - Leonardo Da Vinci

133-135 Elmurodova Nilufar Bakhtyorovna
Read Statistic: 2

Assignment of Particles with Auxiliary Words

136-148 Kakhkhorova Gulruh Shavkatovna
Read Statistic: 2

The Word and its Semantic Stucture

149-153 Kosimova Feruza Khursanali kizi
Read Statistic: 2

Some Features of Legal Terms in Uzbek Language

154-157 Qurbonova Ezoza Shuhrat kizi
Read Statistic: 0

English Communication Skills for Engineers

158-193 A. Srinivas
Read Statistic: 7

The Place of the Memorial of Abu Nasr Forabi in the Development of World Science and its Significance Today

194-199 Hasanov Mirshad Nu'monovich
Read Statistic: 0

Значение И Функциональная Сущность Мифологических Архетипов В Современной Узбекской Прозе

200-205 Буранова Жамила Алиевна, Култаева Гулнора Зойировна
Read Statistic: 0
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