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Romanticism in literary criticism is a broad literary stream, the beginning of which dates back to the last decade of the 18th century. He dominated Western literature in the first third of the 19th century, and even longer in some countries. This paper shows the importance of Byron’s works and his images in this difficult time of life. Byron's poems devoted to the theme of love also reflect important political, socio – philosophical thoughts of the era. this phenomena is the main interest of this article and it reflects with the help of explanation of the charecters Child Harold and Corsair.


Romanticisim character Bayronism image criticism poem protoganist poetic inegritiy metaphora

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Mirusmanova Ziyoda Ziyodulla qizi. (2024). Byron’s Character as a "Classic Type" of Romantic Hero. Central Asian Journal of Literature, Philosophy and Culture, 5(1), 10-13. Retrieved from


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