A Study of Nigerian Gospel Songs: Implications on Christians Worship and the Society

  • ADJAGBARA, FRANCIS ESEOGHENE Department of Music, Faculty of Arts, Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria
Keywords: Gospel music, performance, Christian worship and society


The study examines A Study of Nigerian Gospel Songs: Implications on Christian Worship and the Society. In pursuing this, the study discusses the emergence of praise and worship songs (also referred to as gospel music) in Nigeria. It explores a brief historical background, Contemporary forms of Nigerian Gospel songs in Christian worship and Characteristics and Features of Nigerian Gospel Songs. Although Nigerian gospel music is defined globally as the Christian branch of religious music employed to propagate the gospel of Christ to non-Christians and edify the believers, its performance transcends strict religious settings as it, by extension, features in social gatherings and other areas of life. This study aims to discuss the impact of Nigerian praise and worship songs on the lives of those who sing. The theoretical framework for the study is hinged on the Theory of Functionality or Role theory in Christian Sacred Musicology by Adedeji (1999). The study also employs two research methods. The first is an analytical method, and the second is the ethnographic research method. This method was adopted because the versatility of survey designs allows for a wide range of data collection methods – participant observation and interviews. Findings reveal that Nigerian praise and worship songs are a powerful medium for unity (among Christians of various denominations), active participation in worship, spiritual expression, cultural preservation, and communal worship. The study recommends, among others, a collaboration between artists and scholars and a need for documenting Nigerian gospel songs for future accessibility towards preserving our rich musical tradition and preventing its loss over time.


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